Dee Braaten

Dee Braaten

Ridgefield, CT

Keller Williams


M: (203) 240-6120


About Dee Braaten

A Realtor for more than 20 years, Dee is licensed in both Connecticut and New York. With a Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy and a Master of Science in health science education from State University of New York, she was an occupational therapist in pediatrics and adult rehab and a professor at several colleges and universities. While working in these professions, she learned to counsel, watch, and listen.  Having moved eight times in twelve years herself, Dee's main goal when working with clients is to teach and guide clients about the market and about the process so no stones are left unturned. Dee knows all the trials and tribulations and fears that go with the process and has built a great arsenal of resources that she can rely on to help her clients with the process.  When working with buyers, Dee will do a detailed consultation along with having buyers write down the top five things they would like in a home. She believes that having a client write down their needs rather than just saying it outloud helps solidify the big picture. Once this task is complete, they can start picking out properties and narrow down the search from there making the process stress free, fun and efficient.  When working with sellers, Braaten will start the appointment off by doing a walkthrough of the home and then goes through comparable properties to see what similar homes in the market are selling for so she and sellers can come to an agreement on a listing price. The amount of inventory currently on the market also plays a role in determining the price. She calls this process strategic positioning analysis. They then discuss the 4 P's of real estate: purge, pack, paint and polish.  With Dee, regardless of if you are a seller or a buyer, the most important takeaway is that you are a team working together to achieve a common goal.